Day 2: The Lake District, the olympics and continued reasons why ambassadorships are probably not in my future…

Lake DistrictYesterday: Hairdryer, adapter for the three-pronged computer power cord problems solved (or sorted …).

Continuing on in Disney England headed north (I think) to the Lake District. Today more of a Pride and Prejudice, Darcy’s Pemberly england than a Harry Potter england of yesterday. Formal gardens and a tea room (two). Lunch at a restaurant inside a shop. The restaurant, on the second floor, is called “First Floor”… no problem, I already know the second floor is the first floor from a Thursday conversation that included a moving story: “and when we arrived, then we found that the storage place was on the first floor!” (spoken as if this is a bad thing). Helpful comment from another room: “the first floor is the second story”. And thus, I’m totally fine with arriving at the second floor restaurant and handed a menu with the words, “First Floor” emblazoned on its cover.

Back to Lancaster to a park (and the second tea place). Did you know Britain experienced economic hardship after or during the American Civil War? It has a name like the Cotton Famine or something. Because they were relying on American cotton being imported, which stopped during the civil war.

Learned similar facts about loads of other countries during the BBC broadcast of the Olympic opening ceremony. Which was very cool and also, I never watched an entire however many hour opening ceremony with no commercials. I was trying to finish  email and I kept thinking I would pick it up at the commercial break…  wait, there are no commercials.

Today: having slept in rather than attempt my first run in England because of the whole watching the whole opening ceremony that ended around 1 am… headed to a castle that I think is south today. Medieval and they’re demonstrating medieval archery today.

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