Day 5: my last day in England

I’m off tomorrow morning (have to leave at 5:45 AM for the train station for a 10:15 AM flight, which arrives Copenhagen at 1:15 PM and leaving there at 3:45 PM, arriving at the airport in Stutgart at 5:20 PM, whereupon I’m hoping to meet up with a colleague who knows the airport — we have a plan to meet at a San Francisco Coffee company in the airport provided planes are on time, etc. And he knows how to get from the airport to the place (by train to someplace and then by taxi). Way excited about not having to navigate the train thing by myself… in German and such…

Mainly I’m writing to talk about having someone to get me where I need to go tomorrow… but while I’m writing, I can talk about today: work, but I did go for a run this morning. And then took a camera out to take some pictures of Halton (the village where my boss lives). It was sunny today. We went to dinner at a pub (an old pub of course… with the low ceilings, old, like if Disneyland was building a pub and wanted it to look old, except it really is old). We had this local shrimp dish for appetizer, they were tiny little things (I can’t think of anything to compare them to… the little plastic bit on the end of a shoelace maybe). That was unexpected. And then I had chicken with stilton (it’s like… or a kind of… blue cheese). Which reminds me that I meant to talk about my meal at the First Floor (pork pie… it’s literally pork in a pie crust… and it came with various pickled things… pickled little onions for one).

Little Olympic watching (sans commercials on BBC) before I turn in…

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