Day 6: traveling part 2

Copenhagen Airport. Arriving here is pretty cool. Over the water. There’s a fort on an island, a super long bridge, apparently Sweden is right across from here.

The coolest Copenhagen Airport feature: passport control with a stamp to transfer planes. Next I located lunch: pizza with chicken, spinach, and potatoes. Again with the Visa no chip issue… I paid in DKK (Danish Kroen ?) and the price was also listed in Euros. I’ll check when next I have Internet access how many hundred dollars is was…  More than $11 anyway… There were, in the airport, indications that free wifi may be available. It’s not actually. Didn’t want to check email to see if my colleague’s plane is on time (the meet at San Fran Coffee Co in Stutgart to get to where I’m going colleague) or what the exchange rate is… I can wait until Germany…

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