Day 6: traveling

No traffic this morning so we stopped by Lancaster Castle. It has a portico? the gate thing in front of the doors. Super cool.

Similarly super cool: at the train station…  a Harry Potter steam train (not my train, but one that came in to the station while we were waiting. The station sans steam train already looks Harry Potter-ish, but is helped immensely in movie-set-ness by the arrival of a black steam train with red trim…  may have been some gold lettering too)
Interestingly, the tunnels that seemed scarily narrow on the way in….  not so bad now. Assuming that the two sides of the track are in fact similar in tunnel widths, I think I got used to narrow roads and tunnels and things…
Hanging out in Manchester airport at the moment.
So credit cards in England have a little chip in them and machines aren’t set up for my American chipless Visa. They can do the “old-fashioned” swiping, which is how I bought my super expensive yogurt and bottled water just now, but you get the feeling they’re less than thrilled about it…  nice, but not excited… Also I nearly left my card — that would’ve been bad.

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