Day 9: The grocery store…

Again, I’m mostly just working…  but I did visit the grocery store at lunch. I’m super proud of me for completing a transaction in German. She probably knew I couldn’t speak German but she said everything in German: “Hello”, “whatever the total price was”, “whatever my change was”, “would I like the receipt”, “some parting message”. As long as people don’t deviate from what I expect them to say, all good. But I forgot I was going to buy some fruit. I’ll be making a repeat visit…  interestingly, there’s like a barrier when you go in the store (like at a train station).

Also interesting, there are church bells in this village that go every hour and ring the hour (using military time so there’s a ton in the afternoon). Apparently this happens all day and it’s not quiet bells. And somehow, this is day 3 here and I just today figured it out…


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