Days 11 and 12…

My two forays into the village (one for food and one on my run) made me want to wander around possibly with a camera. The village is on a hill and there are little pathways and stairs all strewn about that probably go interesting places. I started out with an aim to take pictures of old German buildings.

Practically everything is an old German building so basically I wasn’t making progress wandering because I was just snapping pictures.

Last night we had a barbecue for dinner (at the place where I’m staying). It was really, really good. They bar-b-qued pork that tasted like a juicy steak. I did not know you could make pork taste like that. At any rate, I’m not likely to starve… I’d been fooled because prior to yesterday, we had a big meal at lunchtime and things like bread with lunch meat and cheese for dinner. Yesterday we had fish for lunch (also really good) so I came to dinner expecting a light meal like we’d had before and instead: meat on the barbecue (the pork, sausage, and chicken that people said was really good but I’d already had sausage and pork and gone back for seconds of pork.)

Today (Sunday) there is nothing scheduled (which is good because I am tired). Every computer problem I’ve tackled this week seems to take five times longer than I think it should). So last night my roommate here and I decided to go into the village in search of ice cream. We were unsuccessful in our search, but we did find different paths in the village and more old buildings. There is a walking tour (I noticed there’s a map on a big placard near the train station with numbered buildings and also whilst wandering I kept finding signs attached to buildings with the number and kind of the icon/flag of this village). Sadly these people failed to make all these signs in English : )

I can recognize some, like one said something that looked like “Apothecary” and there are dates on them or what I assume are dates, one had 1488 yesterday.

Never fear: Sheri and I did procure ice cream at the grocery store, we were just unsuccessful finding someplace in the village that served ice cream.

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