Sunday is followed by Monday….

Sunday I went for a long run through the German countryside.

I kept telling myself, “hehe I’m running through the German countryside.”

I went almost to the next village… there were a couple covered bridges, a small section with what appeared to be an “avalanche” warning sign,…  and after about 8 miles, I was SOOO incredibly relaxed…  exhausted upon my return of course.

This morning, I went up the ridge, like serious hill training, on village streets here. I cannot imagine what this would be like in the winter. It’s crazy steep. Add snow and ice ?!?!?!

Oh, and there’s ruins kind of interspersed through the village. It’s a fortress, maybe the city wall. Really wish I knew German to know what I’m looking at. This morning, I was thinking if I were organized, I could carry a camera always and take pictures of signs to have someone else read the German.

Meanwhile, work is like a steam train —  12 hours I worked today I think…

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