one more day before vacation…

Yesterday’s successful venture: got to an ATM, got cash (to mitigate the whole VISA without the chip issue why I can’t use a credit card because the little machines expect a VISA card with a chip). Unfortunately I don’t know how much cash I need. Now I’m feeling good about ATM’s are okay with my card, I think I can just locate an ATM and get more cash as needed.

Yesterday on my hill run, I found the coolest spot really high up overlooking the valley. I had this fantastic plan where I was going to return, with camera to take a picture. The thing is, running it was 15 minutes all steep up-hill. Walking after dinner, I was going to run out of daylight plus it’s exhausting to walk (or run) straight uphill. So I didn’t make it last night. I thought this morning maybe I’d try and then I found another path that I thought would meet up with the road that took me to the cool overlook spot. Straight uphill on this path, I met a tree fallen across the path and figured maybe I was wrong about the whole this path meeting up with the road. And who knows if the picture would be all that great anyway, maybe I’ll just need to live with the lovely memory of the view and no photographic evidence.

So today: the last day of work. I have one more day in Germany before I leave for France Sunday. There’s talk of a day trip to another village tomorrow (or not, either way, I’m in Germany, it’s beautiful, I’m happy and I’ll be on vacation).

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