France travel day 2: Lyon and deciding what comes next

So we went to Lyon today. There’s a funicular. The big plan was to park and take the funicular to the top to see the church and the view but the GPS just directed us straight to the church. So we saw the cool view and the seriously cool church at the top of the hill/mountain.

Took the funicular down. It goes down through a tunnel. I was expecting a view going down. However of course I was fine with the tunnel/no view because…
That’s right. I’m on vacation.

At the bottom, we went to the river, cool buildings, a second cool church, and these narrow streets with little alleyways… One of the little alley things went to this courtyard with a tower. I was so on vacation today.

They also have Roman ruins on the same hill/mountain as the cool church.

So then driving here, they have various castles and ruins and churches and things. Also added some more European countries to my license plate safari list. My tomorrow big plan: laundry. There are tons of things to see. I can’t see half of them. I do however need to rest so as to not return from vacation in need of another vacation. I’ll let you know how the rest idea works out…

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