More Germany…

Visited a town south of here: Calw. Rhymes with salve… or possibly calf… I really don’t know… I’m calling it Claw.

Claw has a city center, which has a German name I knew recently, and looks like the German portion of Epcot Center. The buildings with the criss-cross-y timbers, cobblestone streets… and for added Disney-ness, there was a wedding at the Herman Hess museum (famous poet or writer maybe. He has a museum plus statues of him several places). The bride and groom and many guests had traditional looking clothes. Her apron thing had some furs and feathers. And then there was a green tractor decorated with flowers and cans on strings attached to its bumper. We were kind of hoping to see them drive off in the tractor so we stayed and watched for awhile but they didn’t go while we were watching.

Also, cool church, a couple: one big, one tiny. They appeared to be filming a movie at one spot. For real, cameras set up, people in like 1940s looking police uniforms. A river, lots of old buildings, a store selling the types of clothes the wedding people were wearing, and a place with ice cream where the lady recommended I mix peppermint and hazelnut. It was good but kind of a confusing transaction. She knew what I’d asked for but she thought I’d like her suggestion better but I thought she didn’t know what I wanted. Very minor language issue all things considered.

Beginning my trip to France this morning.

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