France Day 3: Resting…

As advertised, it’s warm in southern France in August. I think the German chocolate I purchased for some folks who sent me over with euros to purchase chocolate may not fare well (or have fared well on its two day trip from Germany to here).

C’est la vie..

So today, I woke up at 5:30 am for no good reason. Apparently when my big plan is to do nothing, I feel an urge to get up early to start in on the nothing-ness.

We went to the bread shop for fresh baguettes, not normal baguettes but baguettes ancien (sp?). Whatever it is is good. Watched some Olympics (recorded). An observation – French commentaries talk as much as Americans. British ones didn’t seem to have the urge to talk the whole time like Americans, and apparently French people. I missed the chance to watch in Germany for a full comparison. And we had Duck for dinner. It was good. It had a french name which I never learned but sounded impressive.

I’m pretty excited about the rest of my vacation: the coast tomorrow and hopefully a boat tour, this town (where I am right now) on Thursday because Thursday is a market day, and taking either a train or bus to Avignon on Friday. Is the plan.  Oh, and apparently the old city is within running distance so assuming I get up to run tomorrow, it could be a far more scenic run than Monday’s.

One response to “France Day 3: Resting…”

  1. Hi! Faithfully reading every entry Sheryl. Awesome…and FUNNY! I just realized I haven’t seen many comments in here – didn’t want you to think you were writing into the mystic. OK – and I do have 2 comments even though I’m not putting them on the right posts…French bathroom issue…gross. French olympic vs Brittish olympic comparison – hilarious. OH 3 comments, I meant to wonder on the german wedding, if maybe the wedding was part of the movie? Thus explaining why no one left? Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!

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