Correction on the license plate game and apologies to the building

So finally got around to looking up EU license plate codes. “A” Austria… which makes far more sense than our initial determination of “A” Andorra. And the Norway I was hoping for? Not on the list. Maybe on today’s road trip “H” Hungary? I’m really not holding out hope for CY Cyprus or EST Estonia or GBZ Gibraltar or M Malta or SLO Slovenia… But I do have SK Slovakia and I got that one prior to S Sweden.

My run through Aix was quite nice this morning (more hill training although not extreme Germany hill training). Saw cool stuff of which I will be taking pictures tomorrow. Made an unbelievable amount of noise exiting and entering the apartment. The stairwell is really echo-y, not at all helped by trying to unlock the bottom unlocked lock rather than the top locked lock. In my defense the stairwell is also on the darkish side. Still so sorry to the whole building. It’s a holiday today: Assumption. But I don’t think the shop people know this because many of them were out sweeping and setting up things.

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