France Day 4: Cassis

So, no I did not kayak on the ocean like these people (although the guidebook did say kayaking is THE way to see the calanques, but I think it would be awfully hot and tiring, it’s far). We did a boat tour. Apparently there was a mine in calanque number 1 where they got the stuff to make the base maybe (some part anyhow) of the Statue of Liberty. I am, yet again, so on vacation. One very minor logistical problem: I brought, rather than wore my swimsuit under my clothes. No place to change so had to be content with sticking my feet in the Mediterranean. Not unsurprisingly, the beach isn’t sand, but smooth pebbles.

Had some ice cream…  I keep being minorly amused that it costs more to sit down and eat your food than carry out (I should know the French word, I’ve seen it several times). Like 2x the price. So at the ice cream/bar place. There were signs reminding you that ice cream is for carry out only and if you want to sit, you must take a drink.

Logistic problem number two was finding a bathroom. So the public one (for free I might add — I thought they didn’t have public free ones) had a scary sign about a time limit and being self cleaning and the whole room was sopping wet to start with.

Super impressed with Robin’s parking on a steep hill, returned to watch more Olympics with the French commentators. Lots of Judo and Archery (because there were French people in those). Oh, I almost forgot, today was a market day in Cassis (thus, the need for Robin’s super impressive parking skills because all the lots were full, even the illegal spots). I’m liking how they have the prices for everything at the market. Apparently, it’s not a haggle place. And so far French people seem really friendly (maybe that’s because I’m in the south, not Paris). But I was pretty sure they’re supposed to be rude. Everybody says “Bonjour” and “Merci”on a regular basis. In what appears to be a genuinely friendly manner.

Unfortunately, in a continual effort to owe people in the apartment building an apology: When we returned from Cassis, there was a cat inside the building meowing to be let out. We didn’t think we should let the cat out (assuming he/she belonged to someone in the building and had escaped the apartment, but would likely be quickly found as it was confined to the building). I thought I could get in without the cat getting out…  not so much… so the lost cat now added to the noise making of this morning. Only three more days of opportunities to do further damage…

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