April 29

So yesterday at lunch…

We’re talking about running…  because sometimes I get stuck on this as a topic… and someone suggests I should try running on a trail because there are pretty trails all around.

This morning I found a trail… It was pretty but it was also like straight uphill… I kept thinking it was going to flatten out. It did not. So there was mostly a lot of walking. Currently I am mildly sore and a lot tired. I need to wake up early tomorrow because someone is picking me up to take me to the train station at 5:40am for my trip to Milan!!!

Today, we went to lunch in another town over. They’re doing construction so we had to take this pretty long windy scenic route and the restaurant had a lookout where you could see Swiss Alps and maybe France too. A little unclear what I was looking at and I forgot my phone so no picture but it was really pretty. Also lunch was good and other times I haven’t been thrilled with German food.

(small side note: Germans apparently find people who drink non-fizzy water (sill water) odd. It’s called normal or naturale or something when it has bubbles and you somehow have to convince people you truly want “still” water. At this restaurant, several of us ordered “still” water. The bottle said “still” and it also had “mit” in there (with). Apparently “still” in this case just means less bubbles than normal.)

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