May 1

As anticipated, taking a train through Switzerland was amazing. First, it just looked like Germany which is pretty and all… but then, the Alps showed up. Bern in Switzerland, looks like a fairytale. It was way cool. And the other people on the train were just sleeping and reading…  I kept wanting to poke someone to tell them to look at cool stuff…

Milan was way cool. They had this stage thing set up in front of the church I really wanted to see, which at first made me annoyed because it was blocking the pretty church…   but as it turns out, they were practicing for a concert: a whole orchestra and a choir with opera singer soloist people…  so fine you can block the pretty church if you’re providing a concert… (

Milan: from the roof of the church (yep, they let you climb on the roof)

Then in Rome, we went from the main train station to my friend’s new apartment (metro + pretty decent walk), no wait, from train station to laundromat to pick up sheets and towels and then new apartment and then old apartment (metro + bus + shorter walk). Thursday night we were at the old apartment; Friday we moved to the new apartment (which doesn’t have internet yet). So Friday we did moving/unpacking/cleaning and Friday night we went to the church that’s pretty close to their house (San Paolo)…  it’s built over where Paul was buried. The old church was burned down in 1800 something, so it’s not super old but it is super cool. Huge, apparently second biggest to St Peters.


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