May 3


So very little adventure today…  didn’t make off with anyone’s keys, no two hour diversions looking for anything…

My friends “work” at church and so had to be there something like two and a half hours before the service starts, so I got directions to take the bus to church. They said sometimes there can be issues with buses so plan to leave the house an hour before. So I walk to the bus stop, there are other people at the bus stop which seems a good sign. The first bus to come along wasn’t my bus but the second one was. One minor glitch, I couldn’t figure out where the “stop requested” button/string/whatever was (it’s on the bar near the doors) but other people wanted my stop so no problem, I made it to church in about 20 minutes…  my friends were quite impressed because they on the other hand, had waited for a bus, there’s not a published schedule but there’s an app to tell you when the next bus will appear (unhelpful for me since I have no data plan in Rome)…  at any rate, the app said the next bus would be in 40 minutes (it’s quicker to walk to church so they did).

After church they had work so I planned to go downtown. They gave me a bus number that would take me downtown (170), I walked to that stop: the sign at the bus stop doesn’t tell you when buses show up but it tells you the first and the last bus. The 170 bus didn’t start until 2:45p so I figured I could take the same bus I took to church back (or sort of back, not all the way back, but back to the metro stop). I walked across the street to that bus stop and while I was waiting, up pulls a 170 bus (going away from downtown/the direction I was going). Minutes later, a 170 bus going to downtown rolls by the other side… oh well…  My bus comes soon enough, I stop for lunch and head downtown, which is pretty much exactly like Disneyland. There is so much stuff all pretty close together (it’s not fake, but still, it seems very Disney/unreal-like). I see the Pantheon, walk up this monument thing to get a panoramic view. Also, Rome has these public fountains all over for filling water bottles, super convenient since it’s pretty hot. There’s a bus stop with a lot of buses before the metro stop. I consider taking a bus back, but since I have no app to tell me if one is coming, I give up after a bit of waiting and take the metro. One casualty of my trip was I lost my rose I got in church for being a visitor. It was stuck in my backpack and then at some point it was gone.


So then last night we went to this huge IKEA-like grocery store called Eat-aly, which cracks me up because it works in English, but it’s not like the store is marketed to English-speakers. Everything about it, except the name, is in Italian. Three floors (actually four, the fourth is classrooms), lots of various restaurants…  like there’s a cheese restaurant in the cheese section, deserts in the deserts section…  We didn’t eat at Eat-ily, we got pizza from a pizzareia and then the plan was to walk to the metro stop, but while we’re walking, we saw a 715 bus. There’s a bus stop for that bus like steps away from my friend’s apartment gate. The bus stop where we were is in the middle of the street and the street was like in Mobile, how it has a side street and then the main street. I was pretty dubious and assumed we’d be doing the metro, but we made it. And it was so cool to get dropped off like right at the apartment.

Today, we’re off to the Vatican (Bus + regional train…  never done regional train before…  )

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